Freitag, 31. März 2017


MASK: {aii} The Watcher NEW SaNaRae Event

TATTOO: Waldorf Design Hot Wax Play Tattoo *thankies*

KIMONO: ::GB:: koshikimono

for Perses Style look at her Blog



HAIR: - S E V E N - Eric Hair *thankies*

BODY: *!*Adam boxed V1.4b

SWEATER: *!*Adam Joha Sweater *thankies*

POSE: p.o.s.e. beach male 2 *thankies*


Donnerstag, 30. März 2017


HAIR: DOUX Lawson Hair Black

TATTOO: [Aty] Wolf Moon Male (Signature) NEW [ FASHION BLOC ]*thankies*

PANTS: <kalback> Orginal Jeans M2

Dienstag, 28. März 2017


HAIR: - S E V E N - Jason Hair *thankies*

FACE SCAR: Waldorf Design Kanji Face Scar *thankies*

PIERCING: /N-R/ Dragon Chin Bento Piercing *thankies*

EARS: .:E.A.Studio:. Ears Steampunk Justice


Montag, 27. März 2017


HOODIE: ::GB:: Leather short Hoodie

GLOVES: ::GB:: Metallic Long nail gloves Bento

PANTS: ::GB:: Color denib pants black

TATTOO: Waldorf Design Punished Tattoo *thankies*

for Perses Style look at her Blog


HAIR: booN GAS760 and NYN116

HEAD: *!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.4+BENTO *thankies*

SKIN: *!*Adam Marc-45 skin *thankies* 

BODY:  *!*Adam boxed V1.4b *thankies*



HAIR: - S E V E N - Ethan  Hair *thank you*

EYES: Go&See * Mermaid * Catwa Eyes *thank you*

HEAD: *!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.4+BENTO   *thank you*

BEARD: *!*Adam- Beard Bento M6 - *thank you*

BODY: *!*Adam boxed V1.4b *thank you*

SHIRT: A&D Clothing - Vest & Shirt -Stewart *thank you*

Sonntag, 26. März 2017


CAP: [BUC] "Madhi" Fifty-5C Snapback

PIPE: [ kunst ] Blair Pipe NEW ~uber~

HOODIE: ::GB:: Hoodie Sweat Jacket Black

GLASSES: [Z O O M] Lombard Glasses

PANTS: ::GB:: Sweat Pants

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017


POSE: .:Joplino:. Be free (Exclusive Designer Circle 150th) *thankies*

for Perses Style look at her Blog


HAIR: - S E V E N - Jace Hair *thankies*

FACE SCAR: Waldorf Design icin facescar *thankies*

SHIRT: MGmen's Morf_T-Shirt


HAIR: - S E V E N - Lucas  Hair *thank you*

EYES: Go&See * Nova * Catwa Eyes *thank you*

SHIRT: Legal Insanity - Blade tanks NEW *thank you*

PANTS: Legal Insanity Rhys loafer leather (MOM Event) *thank you*

Montag, 20. März 2017


HAT: MGmen's_Hat_Bike_black NEW MOM Event

SKIN: *Stray Dog* Ade Catwa -Sienna NEW MOM Event

LIPS PIERCING: /N-R/ Spike Lips piercing gold *thankies*

SEPTUM PIERCING: /N-R/ Eternity septum gold *thankies*

JACKET: MGmen's_Jacket_Biker_black NEW MOM Event

Sonntag, 19. März 2017


HAIR: booN GAS760 hair black

TATTOO: Waldorf Design Criminal Tattoo *thankies*

PANTS: Legal Insanity Adam dirty baggy jeans NEW MOM Event


HAIR: *Drot* Tobi v2-  Greyscale (MOM Event)

JACKET: {Fe Style} Gusev Jacket / Black (MOM Event)

PANTS: :{F.A.D.}: Sagz Low Skinnys Jeans Black

BOOTS: [Gos] Triumph Boots for Men - Worn


HAIR: - S E V E N - Lucas Hair *thankies*

TATTOO: .Identity. Silent Tears NEW MOM Event

BLAZER: -NU- Sinnerman Blazer Black NEW MOM Event



CAP: MGmen's_Hat_BIker_White (MOM Event)

JACKET: MGmen's_Jacket_BIker_Grey (MOM Event)

PANTS: Legal Insanity - Adam black baggy jeans (MOM Event)


MAKEUP: /N-R/ (catwa) JOKER !! *thankies*

COAT: ::K:: Noble Coat Homme

POSE: Amitie - El Patron - 03 NEW ~TRES CHIC Event~  

for Perses Style look at her Blog


HAIR: MIRROR - Ragnar Hair -Grey Pack- (MOM Event)

SHIRT: ! [Hypnotik] Male shirt bicolor grey/white (MOM Event)

PANTS: ! [Hypnotik] Jeans belt dark (MOM Event)

Samstag, 18. März 2017


CAP: Le Morte - King Killa Cap - Black

SHIRT: -Complex- Lazy Tee - XFLAG - BLACK (MOM Event)

PANTS: ..S..: Wax Motor Pants - Faded


HAIR: - S E V E N - Lex Hair  Promo *thankies*

EARS: .:E.A.Studio:. Ears Steampunk Justice NEW ~TRES CHIC Event~   

SHIRT: -Complex- Lazy Tee -CMX- White NEW MOM Event

PANTS: <Kalback> Orginal Jeans_Ripped LBlue Dirty

POSE: p.o.s.e. underwear male1 *thankies*


HAIR: - S E V E N - Jace  Hair *thank you*

SHIRT: [AB] Madrid Tank (MOM Event)

PANTS: [AB] Him Sweats (MOM Event)

POSE:  p.o.s.e. male stand #3 *thank you*


HAIR: DOUX - Lawson hairstyle [B&W]

HOODIE: #CRANKED# Bill Knit *thank you*

JEANS: #CRANKED# ARA  JEANS darkblue *thank you*

POSE: p.o.s.e. male stand #2 *thank you*

Freitag, 17. März 2017


HAIR: - S E V E N - Lex Hair  Promo *thank you*

SKIN: Modulus - Dae-Na Skin  Catwa Applier *thank you* (Shiny Shabby Event)

SHIRT: A&D tShirt -Urban Style-  *thank you*

PANTS: .:PARKER:.-Nelson Jeans.STONE

POSE: p.o.s.e. male stand #1

Donnerstag, 16. März 2017


HAIR: - S E V E N - Viktor Hair *thankies*

PANTS: Legal insanity Teo shorts blue jeans leggings

SHOES: VALE KOER Apex Stompers

POSE: p.o.s.e. male stand #4 *thankies*

Mittwoch, 15. März 2017


HAIR: - S E V E N - Viktor Hair  *thank you*

EYES: Go&See * Nora * Eyes PACK *thank you*

SHIRT: A&D tShirt -Matt  *thank you*

SHORTS: <kalback> Original Shorts_Blue

POSE: p.o.s.e. male stand #4 *thank you*


HAIR: ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlow Hair (male)

GLASSES: [Z O O M] Lombard Glasses

SHIRT: MGmen's_T-Shirt_Rain_Black

PANTS: MGmen's_Pants_Rain_Brown

POSE: p.o.s.e underwear male2 *thankies*

Dienstag, 14. März 2017


HAIR: - S E V E N - Alex Hair *thankies*

PIERCING: No Rush bento Tongue Piercing Set 1 gold *thankies*

COAT: [DEADWOOL]  Duster coat black


HAIR: DOUX - Stephan hairstyle [B&W]

CATWA SKIN&SHAPE: Modulus - Malik Skin - Catwa Applier

BODY APPLIER: Modulus - Emil Body - FatPack - All Applier

Montag, 13. März 2017


POSE: .:Joplino:. Take it *thank you*

BODY:  [SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body 

TATTOO: Letis Tattoo :: Serenity :: MMH15005 ::


HAIR: - S E V E N - Leon Hair *thankies*

GLASSES: No Rush Round Sunglasses *thankies*

LIPS PIERCING: No Rush Spike lips piersing (bento) *thankies*



HAIR: - S E V E N - Dean Hair *thank you*

Sonntag, 12. März 2017


POSE: .:Joplino:. Take it *thankies*


HAIR: {Single} Justin Hair

SKIN: swallow Joker Suicide Skin Catwa NEW Skin Fair

EYESBROWS: No Rush Scratsched straght eyebrows *thankies*

ACCESSORIZE: No Rush Bloody Razor Blade *thankies*


CAP: [ ExcellencE ] cap_Poly_5


SKIN&SHAPE: Go&See * Jayden * Pale ~ *thank you*

JACKET: A&D Shirt -Taylor-  *thank you*


HAIR: *Drot* -Elliot-Greyscales

SKIN&SHAPE: Go&See * Markus * Pale ~ *thank you*

EYES: Go&See * Garden * Catwa Eyes *thank you*

SHIRT: A&D Shirt -Sam-  

Samstag, 11. März 2017

Freitag, 10. März 2017


HAIR: DOUX - Angel hairstyle [B&W]

SHIRT: [Gild] Loop Tank_white strok (creators collection Box Event)

POSE: .:Joplino:. Selfietime (FASHION BLOC Event) *Thank you*


HAIR: [Iruco] hair17M

BLAZER: /Ascend/ Smith Blazer with Tank top - Steel Black NEW (TMD Event)

JEANS: not so bad . mesh . TIMEO jeans . bluewash NEW (TMD Event)

SHOES: REIGN Taylers All Black

POSE: .:Joplino:. Selfietime NEW [Exclusive FASHION BLOC ] *thankies*

for Perses Style look at her Blog

Donnerstag, 9. März 2017


HOODIE: ::GB:: Leather short Hoodie / Gray (We <3 Role-Play Event)

GLOVES: ::GB:: Metallic Long nail gloves / Light Gray (We <3 Role-Play Event)

PANTS: 9.::GB:: Warrior pants /  Black

SWORD: 5.::GB::Waist sword / Silver


HAIR: Exile::Voltage Grayscale

SHIRT: A&D Clothing - Shirt -Ethan *Thank you*

PANTS: ! [Hypnotik] MESH suspender pants black


HAIR: DOUX - Angel Hairstyle

GLOVES: [DEADWOOL]  Erik gloves group gift

JACKET: YOSHIMOTO // Rainy Coat Black NEW (TMD Event)

JEANS: YOSHIMOTO // Rainy Jeans Black NEW (TMD Event)

POSE: p.o.s.e male stand 3 *thankies*


HAIR: DOUX - Jordan hairstyle [B&W]

VESTE&SHIRT: A&D Vest & Shirt -Hugh  *Thank you*

PANTS: A&D Pants -Costner *Thank you*

Mittwoch, 8. März 2017



BRIEFS: Legal Insanity - Rocco briefs sport

POSE: .:Joplino:. Underwater Love [Exclusive Suicide Dollz Event] *Thank you*

Female Details : HERE

Dienstag, 7. März 2017


POSE: .:Joplino:. Underwater Love NEW .Suicide DollZ. *thankies*

A thank you goes to my baby which helped me as a model ♥


HAIR: *Drot* -STAN-Greyscales

MASK: ::GB::Gothic mask (Men) White (Kinky Event)

SHIRT: ::GB::Open Gothic shirt / White (Kinky Event)

PANTS: ::GB::Boots in color Denim pants /  Blue (Creators Collection Box)


HAIR: DOUX - Victor hairstyle [B&W]

JACKET: ::GB::Strap leather jacket /  Black (TMD Event)

JEANS: A&D Clothing - Pants -James- (Thank you )

Montag, 6. März 2017


HAIR: *Drot* Seven - Greyscale

SHIRT: A&D Clothing - Shirt -Howard-  (Thank you)

JEANS: A&D Clothing - Pants -Zealand- (Thank you)